Prince Charming

Cinderella Meeting Prince Charming

As it’s the season for pantomime,
This month’s blog is set in rhyme!
It might seem whimsy or a little bit twee,
But it’s still Lean Six Sigma, as you’ll see!
Are you ready to start? It’s not so alarming
This article’s about…Prince Charming!


Have you ever thought, and did you consider,
How he found Cinderella by using a slipper?
He’d marry the lady who’s foot fit the shoe,
Regardless it seemed, of exactly who!
What if more than one lady’s foot matched?
NOT the cleverest plan to have hatched.
There are tools and techniques for finding solutions,
And avoiding potential princess-substitutions
Use your head Charming! Take our advice…
Your Anterior Superior Temporal Gyrus, to be precise
(this is the brain-part to deliver ideas,
on finding the lady he wanted to be his).

Brainstorming is something for Charming to try
With Dandini to jot down suggestions that fly
Or whatabout using something quite random
Like pictures or words from a book we could hand him?
He could think about things from another perspective
To come up with a plan which could be more effective.
And once his ideas have been generated
For finding the lady with which he’ll be mated
There’s tools to help him sift and sort,
To make his long list nice and short
Fast, cheap, easy are among the criteria,
To sort good solutions from the inferior.

Pairwise comparisons also quite handy…
Is idea A better than B?… the modus operandi
“What could go wrong with this scheme?” he should ask
This is a really important task!
Thinking ‘black-hat’ when making a plan,
Requires a biggish attention span
But its time well spent as it helps to foresee,
How Severe, Likely and Detectable risks be
This would help to avoid the potential
Of ending up with a mate without the credentials
If another foot fit the slipper he proffered
And he ended up wishing he’d never bothered.

But may you be thinking that in taking this stance,
We’re missing the magic, fun and romance?
Instead of our head should we follow our hearts?
There’s more to life than tools and flipcharts!
Have we taken out the fun,
By suggesting how things could be done?
To find his true love by using Six Sigma,
Rather than trusting in an enigma?
Well my dear readers we’re not so dogmatic
We like to be lean and also pragmatic
We just know that it works and we know that that matters
DMAIC can mean Happy Ever Afters.

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