Autumn Masterclasses

We are delighted to introduce you to our series of short ‘Friday’ courses to deepen your continuous improvement skills.

These short courses have been designed to refresh and top-up your Continous Improvement Skills. The short courses we are offering include:

We are running these one and two-day “Friday” short courses this autumn in our easily-accessed London open training venue. They can also be delivered in-house on your premises.

Our specialist trainers will share their hands-on expertise and deep insights to enable your proficiency in the use of these essential skills. As always, you are encouraged to ask your trainer for advice following the training. If you would like more formal coaching support in these techniques, of course we would be happy to arrange that too!

The courses run 9am-4pm on Fridays (and Thursdays for 2 day courses). A lively end-of-week experience with drinks and nibbles afterward for any of you wishing to reflect on the day’s learning experience with your fellow CI practitioners.

If any you would like to find out more then please CLICK HERE.

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