Catalyst Consulting featured in The Scotsman

Catalyst Consulting has been featured in an article by The Scotsman, explaining the key benefits to Lean Six Sigma and the EFQM Model on business processes.

Methodology that change how firms operate

qs-logo-2xLean and mean, with half a dozen ways you can eliminate waste from your business, writes Claire Ford

Lean Six Sigma and the EFQM Model (and its fundamental concepts) provide the most robust “excellence” platform – which formed the basic premise of a recent article written for Quality Scotland by respected expert in “Lean” issues, John Morgan of Catalyst Consulting, one of our partner organisations.

John starts by looking at the relationship between Lean and Six Sigma and the formulation of Lean Six Sigma, outlining the five key principles of Lean Thinking and the five key principles of Six Sigma, showing the similarity and synergy between both, and the resultant set of Lean Six Sigma key principles that reflect the very best of these two approaches.

Catalyst Consulting and Quality Scotland have worked together in helping organisations deliver continuous improvement for many years and Catalyst sponsor our Lean Six Sigma Award, introduced earlier this year and awarded to North Ayrshire Council.”

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