John Morgan

JohnLast February our dear friend and colleague John Morgan sadly and prematurely passed away. It seems hard to believe that a year has gone by since then. With the perspective of that year we can appreciate much more clearly the legacy he left us all. John was a much better ‘Reflector’ than me, but reflecting on this I would like to consider ways in which we remain proud of John’s contribution to Catalyst, and also on the things of which I believe he would himself have been proud.



So firstly we’re proud of:

  • Those many of our products and services and their associated materials that John developed.
    Bringing his thought leadership, his creative and design skills, and his great strength in being able to articulate complex issues in simple and visual ways, he helped people to properly grasp the fundamentals of things before progressing into the details and otherwise risking losing their way.  He had that ability to see things through the eyes of the viewer rather than just from his own perspective. The largest part of our core programmes and materials are still John’s creation (and ‘Kipling’ still lives on in John’s various guises!).  And of course ‘Lean Six Sigma for Dummies’ which he co-authored with Martin is still a leading best-seller on the subject dear to us all.
  • John Morgan - stage (2) - webThe exceptional customer satisfaction that John helped us all to deliver, to measure, and for
    which we are recognised. The customer, the client was his – and remains our – primary focus. Our Net Promoter Score method of obtaining and reviewing customer feedback is down to him, and at his instigation we entered, and became a finalist in BQF’s 2015 Customer Satisfaction Award.
  • Our partnership model which has guided our way of team working, and the wider ownership of our shares amongst all our people. John was a big advocate of both of these.
  • His loyalty to us all. He was always there for his friends and colleagues. We are still here for him today – and for the future!

I believe John would have proud:

  • Of you, our customers, who continue to use the tools and approaches he taught, making lasting improvements for your organisations, your customers and for your people.
  • Of you, our partners, and particularly of the British Quality Foundation and its Lean Six Sigma Academy, who working together with us continue to bring best practices to the benefit of the wider business community
  • Of you, our people in Catalyst, who continue to grow, develop, and succeed in what we do, and in continuing to demonstrate that it is possible and profitable to do so in the spirit of service, integrity and excellence.
  • Of Catalyst which continues to prosper as an example of excellence in our chosen fields of business. In 2015 John organised our celebrations for 20 years in business. He’d have been proud to see us organise our 25th anniversary when that comes around in just three years’ time.

Henry Scott-Holland’s reflective poem – which was read in his memory – reminds us that:

“Life means all that it ever meant

It is the same as it ever was

There is absolute unbroken continuity”

How very apt at this time commemorating him and his legacy!