Sometimes Incremental Improvement is Not Enough!

As a Continuous Improvement practitioner do you find that improving your existing products, processes and services is not always sufficient to meet your organisation’s goals?

Do you have stakeholders who are looking for a step change in performance rather than a slow evolution.

Essentially, what is required here is a radical re-think of how things are done.  The whole situation might need a new or re-designed concept. Lean-Six Sigma tools and thinking are powerful in this space but not in a ‘classic’ improvement/DMAIC approach.


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In Catalyst, we have taken Design for Six Sigma and bought it up to date in our Lean-Six Sigma for Innovation and Design programme, keeping the core but building on contemporary business models and innovation thinking. This programme will really make you think more about Innovation than Improvement.

What is Innovation?  Is it the same as Invention?  The two are certainly related.  Can you develop a system for innovating in your organisation? How can you encourage innovative  thinking but also create a way to make innovation happen. This is a lot more than creative thinking!

How do some leading companies, manage innovation? Apple is always mentioned but there are others, endlessly innovating – while other organisations can only watch and admire as they continue to be bogged down in bureaucracy and long winded processes.

There are a lot of questions to be answered here:- What are the barriers and challenges to innovation, what are the competencies we need, how can we really understand what customers want, what are the user segments we want to address, how can we be genuinely creative and how do we do all of this in a systematic and structured way!?

The Catalyst Lean-Six Sigma for Innovation and Design programme answers these questions and a whole lot more. We build on your existing knowledge of the improvement methodology to provide an additional and complementary range of tools and techniques to support highly a effective and rapid innovation system.

As Gary Hamill put it, “You can’t use an old map to see new land”.  

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