SAFe Scrum Master Trainer

Neil Walker

Senior Partner

Neil is an Agile delivery specialist with over 20 years’ experience leading, troubleshooting and delivering business change, technology-enabled transformation and Agile initiatives. Throughout these diverse initiatives he has reinforced an Agile and Lean ethos; developed innovative ways of working across business areas and led continuous improvement and Agile adoption to boost outcomes.

Neil became an Agile practitioner in the early 1990’s, the decade before the Agile movement started. As a software development lead at NatWest Bank he delivered some of the first Agile projects in the UK, taking his experience gained in the Bank’s retail and corporate business to deliver enhanced business results through technology enabled services.

During the mid-90’s, he moved into Agile software and product development delivery and advisory roles (chiefly for a multinational IT and management consultancy firms). Specialising in solving business challenges for UK financial sector clients. This included a long-term engagement as a software development lead with Reuters, the international multimedia news provider (and held a position in the leading Usability and UX team outside of the USA, at the time), where he led and developed a range of Internet-enabled business solutions and product developments using Agile methods.


By the early-2000’s, Neil began evolving Agile practices (from traditional software and product development) to rapidly delivering business change and transformation across a range of sectors. This included adapting Agile and Lean product management and delivery techniques to a range of business areas.

In 2005, he led a Northern European professional services practice for a global SI, additionally he ran an 18 month Agile and Lean transformation programme to transform service delivery; the series of initiatives delivered rapid change across the majority of functional business areas and also advanced relationships with key partners, which elevated daily collaboration with strategic partner Microsoft. Neil’s role involved training and coaching dozens of technology and business colleagues in the use of Agile, Lean and product development techniques, building buy-in across stakeholders and developing an Agile community of practice.

In the last decade, Neil’s has engaged in a range of engagements that encompass Agile programme delivery, IT-enabled transformation and organisational change. Clients have ranged from central government departments, regional and local government, through to logistics and retail organisations. In 2015, he inherited a long running transformation programme for a county council; in order to deliver results rapidly, he adapted Agile approaches to deliver a new customer-facing social care service in just 3 months (four times faster than the best prediction based on past performance using traditional change management). 

Most recently, Neil was the delivery lead for the Post Office’s Digital Identity programme. An Agile initiative to lead the UK market for identity services, transforming the way UK citizens prove their identity and engage with organisations. This included development of a range of b2c and b2b products and connected services. Neil’s role included coaching business stakeholders, leaders and colleagues in a range of Agile and Lean techniques.

Neil has learnt over the last 20 years, that Agile and Lean can deliver so much more than new products and services, it can also drive innovation in functional processes and business areas.

Neil was recently listed as one of the top 130 Project Management Influencers of 2019 by the website The Digital Project (