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Catalyst offers a wide range of Lean-Agile training. As well as accredited courses in Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe® Scrum Master and Leading SAFe®) and Business Agility (ICAgile), we also offer specialised in-house training upon request including Agile Foundations, Agile Change, Agile Project Leadership, Kanban, Scrum, and Product Ownership.

Scaled Agile Framework

Agile-enabled Lean Six Sigma

All our courses are delivered by expert trainers with extensive hands-on practical experience. Our Lean-Agile trainers have spent many years aiding others to introduce, develop and embed Lean-Agile principles, practices and process improvements within their organisations. Our trainers have extensive knowledge about what works in the real world and how best to overcome specific challenges. They share their insights throughout the training and illustrate training principles with their own experiences.