How fast can you release your software into production? That has been a gigantic challenge for many organisations. It doesn’t matter how fast your Agile teams can deliver amazing, valuable software, if you can’t release this into production fast enough, your customers won’t benefit from it.


What is DevOps? DevOps is a cultural and professional movement. It emerged over the last decade as an extension of the Agile movement. DevOps is a response to the wide divide (with the inherent communications issues, inefficiencies, structures, targets, etc) between the Development and Operations teams, especially in larger organisations. DevOps is not a framework or methodology, but a set of principles aiming to break the conflict between silos by leveraging Lean and Agile thinking and practices at a broader scope, much wider than just typical development process.

We provide DevOps coaching and consultation to help improve the two critical areas:

Culture: DevOps requires a change in mindset, so shared ownership and collaboration are the common working practices in building and managing an effective, efficient end-to-end delivery service.

Tools: Tools allow inefficient and laborious business processes to be automated. Also allow people to look at shared metrics and data about the end-to-end delivery.