Value Stream Mapping

Catalyst has particularly strong expertise in Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in both manufacturing and transactional environments.  VSM enables an organisation to visualise the current state and identify the Waste and improvement opportunities across the end-to-end value creation process for both information and material/service flow, typically from customer order to delivery and payment. Then Lean Six Sigma principles and methods are applied to develop an ideal future state map which provides a long-term aspirational vision. In order to progressively transition towards this condition where value flows continuously, an improvement roadmap is developed with a comprehensive programme of short, medium and long-term actions and projects over the subsequent months, establishing new standards, processes and systems.

Catalyst can provide the leadership, facilitation and knowledge transfer in VSM as well as Change Management skills to apply VSM effectively in your organisation and help drive transformational and sustainable change, value stream by value stream. Importantly this approach also encourages a customer focus, a process orientation and systemic thinking which helps break down any ‘silo-mentality’ or inter-functional tension.


Kaizen (or ‘Rapid Improvement’) Events

Kaizen Events are intensive 3-5 day collaborative workshops which address specific improvement opportunities with a focused multi-disciplinary and multi-level team. Whether the focus is on executing process changes, workplace organisation, setup reduction, yield improvements, cell redesign or safety improvement the objective is to eliminate waste, improve flow and where possible implement the improvements in real time using the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) philosophy. Kaizen Events can follow as a result of Value Stream Mapping activity, or be identified from the Strategy Deployment system or other project selection processes. A cross functional team will be dedicated to the workshop, and facilitated by a highly experienced Catalyst consultant who will also bring Lean Six Sigma expertise and guide, focus, challenge and encourage the team to push for the best possible improvements. Where appropriate the Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control (DMAIC) structure us used to solve problems and address improvement opportunities. Hence Kaizen events are not just a means to achieve a rapid performance breakthrough, but a significant learning opportunity for all participants.

Catalyst VSM

Catalyst Kaizen Event


Leading Projects

When you need external help in leading a strategically important improvement project in your organisation from ‘soup to nuts’, Catalyst has the technical, leadership and change management skills required to step in and enable results. We work collaboratively and cross-functionally with team members and stakeholders, providing structure and discipline, encouraging teamwork and ensuring focus on the desired business outcomes. With a broad range of capability, Catalyst can bring appropriate methodologies including DMAIC, DfSS/DMADV, A3 Thinking, Kaizen (Rapid Improvement Events) and Agile to solve your most challenging problems and leave in place defined standards, sustaining measures and systems.


Facilitation Support  (‘facilitating difficult things’)

If you have a particularly thorny issue to solve, perhaps because of technical, political or financial challenges, then Catalyst can provide the specialist resource you need to address this effectively. Working across all relevant levels and functions, we bring rich experience in facilitation, data analysis, collaborative problem-solving, fact-based decision-making, risk management, change management and stakeholder engagement: this combined with a comprehensive toolset and our engaging and interactive style means that even the most complex and contentious subject can be tackled and managed to a successful outcome, with commitment for the decisions or solutions fully mobilised.

One Example of Facilitation Support…

The recent work at Inmarsat…. “the verbal feedback was very good – some described the day as ‘brilliant’ and ‘enjoyable’.  Others made comment around the preparation saying they rarely go to a meeting where the purpose and topic are clearly understood from the outset – I think they appreciated the pack we issued beforehand and the inclusion of sponsor’s video help set the stage.

The feeling is the event served it’s purpose in:

  • proving, when challenged, Inmarsat can find solutions to what seems impossible
  • breaking down paradigms and urban myths
  • creating greater understanding of the process and the issues
  • providing a basis to move forwards