Creating a culture for continuous improvement is rarely straightforward. One of the vital ingredients is to ensure that everyone understands their role, especially the organisation’s leaders and managers. Ideally, leaders need to work on the business. And managers need to work on their processes with the people in the processes to find ways of continuously improving how the work gets done, and how well the learning is embedded.

Staff engagement and involvement is essential, especially given the strong correlation between employee and customer satisfaction. Leading and managing change needs active attention.

Our Approach

Our culture audits, employee focus groups, and questionnaires can be tailored to your specific requirements and circumstances, helping you identify the priorities and actions needed.

Understanding the drivers of the organisation’s ‘cultural web’ will be a helpful outcome in the preparatory planning of what needs to be done to move things forward.

The ‘culture web’ describes a collection of factors, behaviours and thinking that pervades the organisation. It includes:

  • Symbols that can include how people dress or refer to each other, for example
  • An insight into ‘power’ indicating whether this is an autocratic or participative place to work
  • The shape of the organisation’s structure, be it flat or hierarchical, centralised or decentralised
  • The controls that are in place
  • The rituals and routines that include regular meetings, for example
  • The stories and myths surrounding how the organisation works and what it or its people have done

As you can see, there’s a natural link to Leading and Managing Change.

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