Developing and deploying Strategy and Operating Models that are right for your organisation and facilitating leadership in Transformational Change

Strategy Deployment

Strategy Deployment is a way to change or upgrade a process within your organisation. Consequently, many strategies fail to be effectively deployed in organisations.

Getting Started with Strategy Deployment


A facilitated workshop session, not a “training course”, that guides a leadership group through the first practical steps in the use of Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri) concepts and the core tools e.g. x-matrix.

Target Operating Model

By developing and executing a TOM an organisation moves towards realising its Strategy in the real world; so a TOM can be considered as a transformation engine, enabling re-engineering and redesign of the organisation.

Balanced Scorecard Development

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a structured report used as a Strategy performance management tool. The BSC tracks execution of key activities that facilitate delivery of the organisation’s strategy and monitors the effects and connections between these activities.

Senior Management Team Alignment


A facilitated workshop event designed to align and calibrate members of an SMT or Leadership group with the organisation’s strategy and each other.