Driving Transformation

Navigate the dynamic business world with our “Continuous Improvement & Change” suite of courses. Each programme is tailored to equip businesses with transformative tools and methodologies. From data-driven decision-making to Robotic Process Automation insights, we offer practical lessons from real-world scenarios. Harness advanced analytical capabilities and champion continuous improvement. Let’s shape the future of your business, ensuring resilience and sustained success.

Strategic and Operational Improvement

In our two-day Strategic and Operational Improvement course, businesses will learn the pivotal role Continuous Improvement (CI) plays in organisational transformation. Through Value Stream Mapping, leaders will grasp how to strategically align teams with the company’s vision, mission, and values. Emphasising systemic thinking, the course guides attendees in fostering a CI culture, ensuring sustained and broadened enhancements. By the end, participants will be adept at harnessing Value Stream Mapping for leadership alignment and transformation planning, and championing a CI-driven environment that unites the organisation towards shared goals.

Facilitating and Leading Change

Drive transformative results in your organisation with our Change Leadership course. This training equips attendees with the insights to navigate and lead change effectively, ensuring cohesive team alignment towards shared goals. Participants will delve into understanding both organisational culture and individual reactions to change, gaining the expertise to manage them adeptly. By recognising and adapting to various interpersonal styles, attendees will enhance their capability to influence and foster a robust continuous improvement culture. This course ensures that leaders not only comprehend the intricacies of change but can also practically apply this knowledge to ensure the success of their projects and daily operations.

Continuous Improvement for Process Automation

Join our one-day intensive programme tailored for Continuous Improvement practitioners who need to learn how to exploit process automation opportunities. This course unravels the intricate realm of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), offering insights from real-world case studies and lessons learned from industry misadventures. Equip your organisation with the acumen to discern genuine RPA opportunities from mere hype, ensuring automation aligns seamlessly with Continuous Improvement objectives. In doing so, you’ll elevate efficiency, sidestep common pitfalls, and deliver tangible benefits to both your organisation and its clientele.

Root Cause Analysis

Elevate your organisation’s problem-solving capabilities with our introduction to Root Cause Analysis workshop. In a focused one-day session, this course delivers hands-on techniques to effectively define a problem; apply structured approaches to efficiently find and verify the cause of problems and implement corrective and preventive actions that will ensure the root cause is permanently eliminated. By embracing this approach businesses can improve quality and customer service, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and streamlined operations. 

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Discover the transformative power of FMEA, a risk management strategy originally rooted in aerospace and engineering, now pivotal in enhancing business operations across sectors. By integrating FMEA, businesses can significantly bolster the reliability of their processes, products, and services. The tangible benefits? A marked reduction in failure-associated costs, diminished errors, fewer customer grievances, and a safer operational environment. This course equips participants with a comprehensive understanding of FMEA’s diverse types, their interconnections, and their alignment with other continuous improvement tools.

Data Driven Insights and Decisions

Harness the power of data-driven decision-making with our 4-day programme on Data Driven Insights and Decisions. This course equips participants with a robust toolkit to effectively utilise data, offering pivotal business insights that can influence stakeholders and guide informed choices. Attendees will learn to confidently measure, interpret, and communicate process performance, leveraging statistical tools to enrich their analytical capabilities. The programme also covers practical application, from data validation to graphical analysis using Minitab® software. By the end, participants will be adept in transforming raw data into actionable intelligence, ensuring strategic advantages for their organisations.

Facilitating Improvement Workshops

Enhance your deployment of the CI and Lean Six Sigma toolkit with our Facilitation Skills for Continuous Improvement course. This practical workshop is tailored to bolster confidence in leading improvement sessions, ensuring they are both engaging and productive. Attendees will master the art of effective workshop and meeting facilitation, from setting clear objectives to managing time and participants adeptly. The course provides a practical toolkit for improving team decision-making processes and enhancing communication skills. Participants will also learn strategies to manage conflict and challenging behaviours. By the conclusion of the course, practitioners will be fully equipped with the expertise and self-assuredness to lead continuous improvement workshops and project team meetings. 

Value Stream Mapping

Strengthen your organisation’s operational efficiency with our introduction to Value Stream Mapping workshop. This one-day programme equips businesses with the insights to understand and harness Value Stream Mapping (VSM) as a vital tool for transformative change. Through its application, businesses can effectively identify and eliminate waste, enhancing flow and reducing process durations. Delivered face-to-face or virtually with hands-on exercises and valuable resources, this course promises to pave the way for streamlined operations and informed decision-making for future VSM projects.

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