As a professional services organisation we are only as good as our people – and we recognise that in choosing Catalyst as their consulting or training partner our clients are also selecting individuals within our team to support them. This is very strongly reflected in how Catalyst is organised, owned and governed.

Catalyst is 100% owned by our people – and all employees are shareholders of the company. All of our people are encouraged to contribute to the direction of the company, although of course we have a Leadership Team who collectively constitute the Catalyst Board responsible for overall Strategy and Governance, and we also have an Operational Executive responsible for the day to day operation and results of the business. Our Board meets on a quarterly basis, our Operational Executive more frequently and also holds weekly phone meetings.

We finance our business through the results from our operations, and have no loans from our bankers or other financial institutions, and so are financially stable and secure. We seek to operate to the highest standards as espoused in the EFQM Excellence Model – and we practice what we preach as we manage by process, not by function. Our Values place the interests of our clients first and foremost, we value our people, we act with integrity and honesty – and responsibly having and operating appropriate policies on issues such as Business Ethics, Fairness & Equality of Employment, Health & Safety, Quality Management, The Environment and the like. We adhere to the professional code of conduct of the British Quality Foundation as well as to those of other Professional Bodies such as the various Chartered Institutes to which our people individually belong as Fellows or Members. We seek to pay all suppliers and all taxes on time and in full – and not to seek any artificial means of limiting our legitimate tax liabilities. We hold levels of insurances (such as Professional Indemnity, Employers & Public Liabilities) in line with the reasonable expectations and requirements of our clients. Our Legal Statutory Accounts and Tax affairs are prepared and managed for us by Rayner Essex LLP – and our most recent published accounts are available through the UK’s Companies House.

Our registered office is in London: Tavistock House South, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9LG. Our company registration number is 3102831 and VAT registration number is 658 0260 37