Lean Six Sigma Coaching

Project CoachingWe specialise in Lean and Lean Six Sigma coaching, guiding professionals at all levels from Yellow Belt or Lean Associate up to Master Black Belt and Lean Master levels towards improved business performance. Our Master Black Belt coaches are seasoned practitioners, dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of these techniques.


What We Offer 

Enhanced Business Outcomes: We work with you to apply Lean and Lean Six Sigma principles effectively, ensuring that your projects deliver measurable and impactful results. 

Rigorous Application of Methodology: Our coaches provide expert guidance, helping you implement Lean and Six Sigma practices with precision and consistency. 

Maximised Training Investment: Through hands-on experience, we ensure that your training translates into practical, actionable skills. The real learning, consolidating of skills and embedding behavioural change happens over time through application. Best practice for practitioners is established at the beginning of their development 

Reduced Time to Benefits: Our targeted coaching approach helps you achieve your goals in a timely manner, allowing you to realise the benefits of your projects faster. Projects attain and sustain more momentum and deliver improvements faster. Quality of execution and realisation of benefits is increased at both project and programme/organisational levels. 

Improved Success Rate: Improvement project success rates are higher. 



Personalised Coaching: Tailored one-on-one sessions with our Master Black Belts to meet your unique needs. 

Practical Workshops: Engaging, hands-on workshops designed to reinforce theoretical knowledge with real-world application. 

Ongoing Support: Continuous support throughout your Lean and Six Sigma journey, from initial consultation to project completion. 


We provide coaching support through coaching clinics and 1-1 sessions remote through Teams / telephone / emails for aspiring Lean Six Sigma Practitioners. Coaching can be either scheduled, ad-hoc or a combination; clients can purchase scheduled coaching surgery days and/or “hours” to be used by training delegates as they are needed.  

Why Choose Our Coaching? 

Our coaching is more than a service; it’s an investment in your business’s future. We believe in delivering value that goes beyond traditional training. With our support, you’ll not only learn the principles of Lean and Lean Six Sigma but also how to apply them effectively to drive success.