North Ayrshire Council

Public Sector

The Project


North Ayrshire Council’s project focused on providing Occupational Therapy Equipment. This important service was taking too long, as much as a month on average.

Using a series of workshops, process mapping and data collection, the team identified the non-value-add steps, and developed a new streamlined process.

The control stage of the DMAIC process continued after project handover to produce the procedure manual and assess the benefits which are summarised below:

Achievements & Benefits

34.5 days lead time reduced to 1.5 days
57 process steps reduced to 30
Increased Communication with service users.
  • 76% of priority requests receiving equipment within 1 day
  • 100% of priority requests receiving equipment within 2 days
  • 95% All Requests receiving equipment within 7 days


North Ayrshire Council took the prize for best Lean Six Sigma project at the Scottish Awards for Business Excellence 2015.

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