Lean Enterprise Training: Empowering Operational Excellence

Welcome to our comprehensive range of Lean training programs tailored to equip managers and teams at every level with the tools for driving transformative change within your organization. From focused modules on specific techniques to extensive modular programs developing skilled and qualified practitioners capable of spearheading change, our Lean training suite covers the spectrum. Our in-company training approach ensures teams directly apply learned techniques to live improvement activities, fostering immediate impact and sustainable change. Open enrolment course options are available for individuals seeking to enrich their Lean expertise and achieve recognised certification. Join us in unlocking the potential of your teams—empowering them to lead, drive, and sustain operational excellence through our versatile and impactful Lean training programs

Lean Foundations

Our In-company Lean Foundation Training, offered onsite or virtually, provides an introduction to Lean Thinking and practical foundation toolkit that can be immediately applied to swiftly identify and act on immediate improvements. Through a mix of theory and practical exercises, participants gain an understanding of Lean principles, enabling them to appreciate and contribute towards enhancements to business processes. This course will enthuse delegates as they learn to see the waste and opportunities in their business processes.

Lean Practitioner Programme

The Lean Practitioner course delivers a deep understanding of Lean Thinking principles and tools over an intensive three-day training. Through this, businesses can seamlessly integrate practices like 5S, Visual Management, and Kaizen Rapid Improvement Events. The outcomes are streamlined processes, reduced waste, and enhanced operational excellence. This hands-on approach, certified by the British Quality Foundation (BQF) and the Lean Competency System (LCS), positions businesses for sustained growth and continuous improvement.

Advanced Lean Practitioner

Building on the core Lean Practitioner Tools, participants in the Advanced Lean Practitioner program delve deeper into advanced Lean techniques, project management, leadership, and strategic deployment of Value Stream Improvement and approaches for creating continuous flow. This program emphasizes practical application, enabling participants to deliver impactful Lean initiatives that drive significant organizational improvements and sustainable results. Upon completion, achieve certification either through the British Quality Foundation or the Lean Competency System.

Lean Master Practitioner

The British Quality Foundation (BQF) Master Practitioner Lean Qualification is a prestigious accreditation offered to individuals who have displayed exceptional expertise and proficiency in Lean methodologies. This programme builds on the Advanced Lean Practitioner qualification and builds mastery in Lean thinking and practices, building capability to lead and drive Lean transformations within organisations effectively. Candidates undergo extensive learning modules, gaining in-depth knowledge and tools to deploy Lean at an enterprise level to drive substantial improvements and lead transformative change initiatives within their organisation

Lean Masterclasses

Welcome to our suite of specialised Lean Masterclasses—short, targeted courses designed to equip professionals with focused expertise in key Lean methodologies. Our masterclasses cover a spectrum of essential Lean principles, including 5S workplace organization, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die), and more. Each masterclass offers a deep dive into its respective methodology, providing participants with practical insights, tools, and techniques necessary to drive immediate improvements in their specific areas of focus.

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