Finance, Banking & Insurance

Transformation Results

Real world results achieved with our guidance;

drop in unbilled revenue

Reduced incorrect pricing to merchants


printing cost reduction


additional revenue through new service development

Reduced Cost of Poor Quality

reduction in time spent on admin

Reduction in Aged Authored Contracts from

16% to 10%

Reduced cost (~$2M),

increased Revenue (~$5.7M)

and EBITDA (~$3.7M)

reduction in failure demand


reductions in Cycle time and Unit time

reduction in “chaser” calls

reduction in unbilled lines/month

Reduction in admin

from 41 seconds to 30 seconds per call

improvement in Satisfaction with Agent scores

reduction in Customer Complaints

reduction in Customer Handoffs

Queries answered within our SLA improved

from 74% to 90%

Incoming e-mail redirection reduced

from 11% to 3%

Query processing time reduced by >15%

reduction in process cycle time

Shorter call handling enabling

11 FTE headcount reduction

reduction in unauthorised overdraft levels

Ontime payment up from

57% to 77%

reduction in man-hours of effort used in a process

Additional benefits

  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Improved staff morale
  • Increased employee satisfaction and commuications
  • Call Centre optimisation
  • Reduced non-value add time for advisors
  • Improved client contact
  • Reduced corrections
  • Reduction in unrecovered debt
  • Reduced Cost of Capital
  • Improved Helpdesk Capacity and response speed
  • Development of ongoing capability and flexibility
  • Improve reporting, business intelligence, governance, control cost allocation
  • Huge increase in ability to meet and maintain process SLAs
  • Potential for significant New Business premium from reduced Sales team admin time
  • Increased bandwidth to service new accounts
  • Improved staff FX knowledge
  • Reduction in manual adjustments
  • Identification of profitable and nonprofitable FX conversions to be brought in-house
  • Enhanced data confidentiality
  • Better interaction with the Sales team regarding pipeline of members and clients
  • Improved approval process and clearer understanding
  • Reduced dysfunctional customer behaviour

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