Transforming Ideas into Innovation

Unleashing Innovation At Catalyst, we believe in turning imagination into reality by blending creativity, empathy, precision, and agility. Our comprehensive approach to product or service development integrates Design Thinking, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), and Agile methodologies to bring your vision to life.

What is Unleashing Innovation?

Innovation is critical to competitiveness and growth, but many organisations struggle with it. This can be due to many factors, including the confusion between Invention and Innovation and the failure to recognise that innovation is the multiplication of creativity and execution.

Clayton Christensen makes the point:

A dearth of good ideas is rarely the core problem in a company that struggles to launch exciting new-growth business. The problem is the shaping process”


Our Approach

Catalyst provides skilled consultants to support Marketing, New Product Development and Change teams… in fact, anyone in the organisation working on innovation led initiatives. Support ranges from advising teams with content and methodology, through to facilitating workshops and leading entire projects.

Our expertise is to work with our clients on the shaping process. By becoming members of innovation teams we help to break the intellectual, emotional, experiential, educational and belief boundaries and technology biases that combine to limit the view of what is possible. Catalyst’s staff have deep technical, business and creativity experience acquired over many years of working in organisations of all sizes and sectors.

In this work we leverage and apply a considerable range of design and creativity methods, including Design for Six Sigma based methodologies and tools if required.

An Unleashing Innovation assignment begins with an assessment to develop clear understanding of the background, Scope and Goals & Objectives for the work. We also focus on skills transfer in these assignments so that the organisation not only achieves more effective and faster innovation, but also builds its capabilities to do so in the future.

Here’s how our multifaceted approach is revolutionising the way products or services are designed and delivered:

Emphasising Empathy and Innovation: We begin by understanding the real needs and desires of your customers. Through empathy-driven inquiry and observation, we identify the right problem space, ensuring that we’re focusing on what truly matters to your audience. Our innovation training inspires a culture of creativity and outside-the-box thinking that fuels novel solutions.

Building the Right Thing with Agile Techniques: Guided by Agile principles our self-organising, cross-functional teams work collaboratively to ensure rapid and responsive development. Through iterative design processes and frequent feedback loops, we validate ideas quickly, learning from real user feedback. This agile approach minimises risk and ensures that the end product or service is finely tuned to meet the actual needs of the market.

Ensuring Reliability with Design for Six Sigma: Scale and reliability are vital to success in today’s competitive landscape. Our Design for Six Sigma training instils a rigorous, data-driven approach to product, service  and process design. This ensures that your product or service not only meets quality standards but is delivered at scale without compromising efficiency or effectiveness.

Coaching for Continuous Improvement: We don’t just provide training; we provide transformation. Our coaching services guide your team through the complex landscape of product or service development, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. We’re here to support you in evolving your processes, ensuring that innovation and agility become integral parts of your organisation’s DNA.

Our Services:

Innovation and Design Training: Equip your team with the skills to think creatively and innovate effectively.

Agile and Scrum Workshops: Empower your team with Agile methodologies, facilitating collaboration, adaptability, and swift decision-making.

Design Thinking Workshops: Learn the principles of human-centered design and apply them to real-world challenges.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Training and Consultancy: bridge the gap between product requirements and process capability.  DFSS is a total design approach that integrates customer focus and structured tools with a systematic design process. DFSS improves quality of the existing design process, rather than replacing it, delivering market driven, robust and reliable designs and shorter, reliable and more predictable development times. We can provide training, coaching and consultancy to help your team build DFSS into your existing NPD process. Design for X:Originally known as Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Design for X has expanded as a systematic approach to product and process design which strives to proactively design Six Sigma quality into a product, by optimising all of the manufacturing functions: manufacturing, assembly, test, calibration, procurement, shipping, delivery, installation, service and repair right through to decommissioning.

Benefits for your customers and business include increased quality and reliability, more robust products and processes and reduced costs at every stage of the product life cycle.

Workplace Coaching: Customised coaching programs to guide your team through every stage of product or service development, from ideation to delivery.

Boost Your Journey with Our Specialised Training Programs

Embark on a transformative journey with our array of training programs tailored to boost your growth and adaptability:

Innovation and Design Training: Explore new horizons in creativity and problem-solving.

Business Agility Foundations: Build a resilient and responsive business which thrives in a dynamic environment.

Agile Fundamentals: Master the core principles of Agile to foster collaboration, flexibility, and efficiency in your organisation.

Let’s Shape the Future Together! 

Your vision deserves the best path to realisation. Partner with Catalyst to elevate your product or service development process and create solutions that truly make a difference. Contact us today and let’s start turning your ideas into impactful innovations, driven by empathy, innovation, and agility. 

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