At Catalyst Consulting, we are dedicated to empowering  individuals and organisations to navigate the intricacies of the modern corporate landscape. Our services encompass Strategy, Innovation, Excellence, and Training, each meticulously designed to build key competencies, promote the right culture, and inspire Continuous Improvement and Business Agility. By merging established methodologies with innovative solutions, we offer comprehensive training, mentoring, transformative guidance, and practitioner services tailored to your unique needs.  

Our emphasis on capability development ensures individuals hone their skills, while organisations are equipped with the tools and strategies essential for success. With our expertise, personalised support, and proven methods, we stand by your side, ensuring you focus on the right priorities, employ the right techniques, and cultivate the right environment for sustainable growth and transformation. Explore our offerings and discover how Catalyst Consulting can elevate your business trajectory. 


Catalyst’s comprehensive strategic approach transcends traditional consultancy. By blending tools like the Business Model Canvas with methodologies such as Lean Portfolio Management, we foster growth, innovation, and actionable strategies. We aim to promote unified leadership and set a clear pathway towards growth.


Catalyst’s Innovation suite champions agile methodologies; we blend leadership strategies with established frameworks, ensuring agility across large and small enterprises. Our focus extends from digital transitions to strategic innovation, streamlining processes and promoting efficient production. Through our holistic approach, we drive cohesive business transformations.


Our Excellence suite focuses on elevating organisational performance. By integrating a range of tools and methodologies, we guide businesses towards enhanced operations and sustained growth. Partner with us to harness the power of consistent excellence in the modern business landscape.


Catalyst offers a comprehensive range of training solutions to empower teams in today’s dynamic business environment. With versatile delivery methods and a focus on Lean Six Sigma, Agile, and Continuous Improvement we provide the tools to develop your skills. Choose Catalyst for training that encourages organisational growth and efficiency.