BQF Certified Lean Six Sigma Courses

Our comprehensive suite of Lean Six Sigma courses, ranging from White Belt to Master Black Belt, offers businesses a comprehensive route map to support your transformative journey in operational excellence. These programmes are certified by the British Quality Foundation (BQF) andtailored for varying expertise levels. We empower participants with the knowledge and a practical toolkit to solve complex problems, improve quality, streamline processes, drive efficiency, and support the development of a culture of continuous improvement. Whether it’s foundational understanding, advanced analytics, digital-age agility, or integrating Agile techniques, our courses ensure businesses realise tangible improvements and cultivate a robust culture of continuous improvement. Join us in mastering methodologies that translate to enhanced customer satisfaction, improved quality, operational efficiency, and long-term business success. 

Lean Six Sigma Awareness / White Belt Programme

The Lean Six Sigma White Belt Programme is a concise one-day training designed to instil basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles. This foundational course demystifies the jargon, introduces the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control) approach, and outlines the pivotal roles within a Lean Six Sigma programme. For businesses, this training serves as a catalyst for widespread awareness and engagement in the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Whether through online self-paced study or interactive group sessions, participants will gain insights that can be immediately applied, driving operational efficiency, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

Lean Six Sigma for Project Champions / Sponsors

This course, spanning one or two days, equips managers and process owners with the expertise to function effectively as Lean Six Sigma Project Champions, supporting practitioners like Yellow, Green, and Black Belts. Every Lean Six Sigma project requires a Project Champion (or Project Sponsor). Their role is crucial, guiding the team towards success. 

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Programme

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Programme is a two-day training designed to bolster business efficiency and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. By introducing participants to the Lean Six Sigma methodologies, the course positions delegates to actively participate in improvement teams or to lead the facilitation of improvement initiatives within their local business area. As a result, businesses will benefit from sustained process performance and a continuous improvement ethos. Whether attended in-person or virtually, this programme ensures foundational knowledge, fostering a proactive approach to process enhancement and is certified by the British Quality Foundation. 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Programme is designed to empower businesses to harness the creativity and knowledge of their teams to facilitate the delivery of improvements to product and service quality, customer experience and process performance. Attaining the British Quality Foundation Green Belt Certification, participants will master the art of leading process improvement projects, utilising the DMAIC framework. Whether attended virtually or in-person, the course hones skills in identifying waste, problem-solving, and implementing substantial, customer focussed performance enhancements. Businesses stand to gain enhanced customer service, improved operational efficiency, and a more streamlined work environment, ensuring both short-term gains and long-term sustainability.

Advanced Green Belt Programme

Our 12-day Advanced Green Belt programme builds on the foundational 6-day Green Belt course by incorporating two in-depth modules that introduce advanced process measurement and analysis tools. It’s particularly aimed at business analysts, technical roles, and Green Belts seeking to expand their skill set. While basic Lean Six Sigma tools can drive significant improvements, this course delves deeper, equipping attendees for challenges that require more advanced techniques.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Programme

Our 18-day Black Belt programme trains participants to handle complex, high-impact business problems and opportunities. As experts in Lean Six Sigma, Black Belts are adept in data analysis, change management, and advanced problem solving. Beyond individual projects, they mentor Green Belts and play a pivotal role in aiding senior management to deploy continuous improvement practices throughout the organisation. 

Business Black Belt Programme

Our 21-day Business Black Belt programme is designed for the digital age, equipping individuals with the skills to navigate modern business demands. This BQF-accredited programme provides Business Black Belts with broad capabilities in lean systems thinking, business transformation, process automation, design thinking and business agility. Offering an alternative to the traditional Black Belt, this programme promises significant career enhancement, benefiting both professionals and their organisations. 

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt programme equips certified Black Belts to meet the British Quality Foundation Master Black Belt standards, tailored specifically to individual and business needs through an initial assessment. Master Black Belts are invaluable to businesses, leading extensive DMAIC projects and serving as the primary resource for technical expertise. Their proficiency in change management and coaching ensures project success, enhances employee training, and fosters a continuous improvement culture. By influencing business leaders, they play a pivotal role in embedding Lean Six Sigma strategies and advancing operational excellence.

Agile-enabled Lean Six Sigma

This one or two-day Agile for Lean Six Sigma Practitioners programme is crafted to enhance business outcomes by melding Agile methodologies with established Lean Six Sigma practices. Essential for Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leaders and Yellow, Green, or Black Belts, as well as those immersed in Digital Transformation, participants will harness the power of Kanban and/or Scrum techniques to accelerate projects for swifter, more impactful results. For businesses, this translates to improved customer service, enhanced efficiency, and amplified productivity, all underpinned by a value-driven approach.

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