Build Operational Excellence with Our Tailored RCA Expertise

In the pursuit of operational excellence, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) serves as an important cornerstone. Yet, finding an efficient and effective approach is no easy feat. Perhaps you’ve noticed a pattern of recurring issues or encountered roadblocks in investigations that seem to stall at containment stages. At Catalyst, we recognize these hurdles and offer a solution-oriented approach. Whether your team faces persistent challenges or simply seeks to standardise RCA processes, we can work with you to find the best strategy and toolkit for your organisation.

How we can help

Holistic Evaluation of Current Approach:

We can conduct a comprehensive review of your current RCA approach, analyzing the effectiveness of every stage from problem identification to resolution and talking to your problem-solving practitioners to understand their skillset, strengths and challenges. Our assessments provide a health-check on your current capability and pinpoint areas for enhancement, ensuring a streamlined and efficient RCA process.

Tailored RCA Solutions:

Whether you’re grappling with recurrent problems, frustrated by the timescale to conclude investigations, or aiming to standardise your RCA processes, our experts will work alongside your teams to develop or enhance the methodologies and provide help and guidance to support all levels of investigation from simple problem solving through to application of 8 Disciples of problem solving (8D) or DMAIC to tackle complex problems in a timely and effective manner

Skill Development and Coaching:

Beyond identifying issues, we focus on building your team’s RCA capabilities. Through targeted training sessions and ongoing coaching and certification frameworks, we equip your staff with the skills needed to conduct effective RCA independently.

Implementation of Best Practices:

Drawing from industry-leading methodologies like 8D, we develop a roadmap for integrating best practices and industry standards into your RCA processes. Our goal is not only to solve immediate challenges but also to establish a framework for continual improvement.

Facilitation & Data Analysis

Sometimes complex or customer sensitive issues can benefit from an independent facilitator to support the investigation. Our experts are available to support and guide your teams through the root cause analysis process and can also support with advanced data analysis and design of experiments to investigate and validate causes and potential solutions.

Ongoing Support

Our partnership doesn’t end with recommendations. We offer continual support and guidance as your organization implements new RCA strategies, ensuring a smooth transition and long-term success.

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