A fresh set of eyes and independent feedback can often be invaluable to Leadership Teams to benchmark progress towards excellence. Catalyst’s team of experts are here to help. Our suite of assessment services is crafted to help organisations unlock their fullest potential. From comprehensive organisational assessments to in-depth process health checks, we help you gauge your continuous improvement journey and invigorate your commitment to business excellence. These services present the definitive roadmap to transform insights into tangible strategies; discover how we can bolster your business performance. 

Business Excellence and the EFQM Model

The EFQM Excellence Model® with its enablers and results is at the heart of Catalyst Consulting. It is the generally accepted framework for Business Excellence in Europe and many other parts of the globe. The principles and values provide a best practice framework against which organisations can review leadership, management capability, results.

Organisational Assessments

The first step towards improvement is to understand your organisation’s current state. Our organisational assessments provide an honest and transparent view of ground truth.

Process Health Checks

We find that many organisations operate at a fraction of their true potential, with high levels of non-value-add activities and huge potential for increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and market share. We provide an open and honest assessment of your business processes and their well being – our Process Health Checks identify, quantify and prioritise improvement opportunities.

Continuous Improvement Maturity Assessment

A programme of work designed to assess the progress and maturity of an organisation’s Continuous Improvement (CI) journey. The assessment includes focus on: Review of Results and Benefits realisation, Alignment to the wider enterprise, CI capabilities and methodologies, and Cultural Enablers including behaviours and personal development needs.