Revitalising Operations

Many organisations operate with a hidden burden: inefficiencies that creep into their operations over time, subtly draining their momentum. These are not just minor hitches in the system; they can drastically compromise an organisation’s capacity, leading to missed opportunities and diminished customer satisfaction. Coupled with a competitive landscape, where every bit of operational prowess counts, it becomes imperative to identify and address these inefficiencies. The broader impact is not just on operational metrics. It affects customer loyalty, market presence, and the organisation’s capability to innovate and adapt.

Our Process Health Checks are a structured approach to ensure your business processes are functioning at their best. Catalyst’s seasoned professionals are not just observers; they are well-acquainted with varied processes and can instantly recognise areas of potential improvement. Our team offers a clear-eyed review, devoid of internal biases, shedding light on the true state of your operations. Where things might seem tangled—perhaps due to layers of makeshift solutions or organisational changes—we are here to clarify, streamline, and recommend tailored strategies to maintain your processes at their optimal health.

How Process Health Checks Help

We find that many organisations are operating at a fraction of their true potential, with high levels of Non-Value-Add activities, and with huge potential for increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and market share.

To develop a culture of continuous improvement, you will need to build a foundation that can support the creation of stable predictable processes. Using experienced consultants, our process health checks help to assess, quantify and prioritise the opportunities for improvement.

Catalyst personnel see a lot of processes and know “what good looks like”. They provide an independent and dispassionate voice that will give you a true and transparent view of the reality of your process. We understand a wide range of elements such as Learning, Consulting, Interim and Change Management, and will suggest the most effective activities to keep your process “healthy”.

Often the underlying cause of these problems is due to processes not being owned or understood. Over time various workarounds have been introduced and with organisational changes, the end-to-end picture of the process becomes unclear.

Process Health Checks

The symptoms include:

  • Frustration: You don’t seem to be able to do things easily
  • Confusion:    No-one really seems to know what’s going on
  • Hassle: There are always fires to put out
  • Overload: There is always too much to do
  • Complaints: You’re spending too much time dealing with unhappy customers

And now, you have to reduce costs and do more with less.

Our experience shows that often only 10-15% of the steps in a process add value. What’s more, the ‘thing’ going through the process spends very little time in those Value-Add steps, perhaps as briefly as 1% of the overall processing time!

If you want to develop a culture of continuous improvement, one of the foundation building blocks will be to create stable predictable processes. Our process health checks can help assess, quantify and prioritise the opportunities for improvement and the actions needed.

Following your Healthcheck, we recommend taking a look at your processes and how Catalyst can help you streamline them.

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