Lean Six Sigma Project Selection Workshop

Project SelectionThe Lean Six Sigma Project Selection Workshop is designed to guide participants through the process of identifying, prioritising, and selecting projects suitable for Lean Six Sigma implementation. 

Identifying Opportunities 

The workshop begins with an exploration of potential projects. Participants learn how to recognise opportunities that align with organisational strategies and understand how Lean Six Sigma can integrate with existing processes. 


Prioritising Projects 

Participants are introduced to methods for filtering out unsuitable ideas and prioritising those that are manageable and beneficial. The workshop covers techniques for distinguishing between trivial problems and those that require strategic focus. 


Selecting Projects 

Guidance is provided on using tools like criteria-based matrices for the final selection of projects. Participants will gain hands-on experience with these tools to ensure the chosen projects align with Organisational goals. 


Project Governance 

The workshop also covers the governance aspect of projects, including structured project reviews, milestones, and benefits tracking. Participants will learn how to maintain clear communication within the project team and how to escalate issues when necessary. 



Key Features 

  • Guiding Principles: Emphasising flexibility and alignment with Organisational goals. 
  • Practical Tools: Introduction to tools like Voice of the Customer for Prioritising projects. 
  • Customised Approach: The content is adapted to the specific needs and context of your Organisation. 
  • Continuous Guidance: Participants receive ongoing support and guidance throughout the workshop.


  • Strategic Alignment: Ensuring that projects are linked to the core strategy of the Organisation. 
  • Informed Decision Making: Equipping participants with the knowledge and tools to make confident project selections.
  • Effective Governance: Teaching methods for clear and structured governance of Lean Six Sigma projects. 


The Lean Six Sigma Project Selection Workshop provides a comprehensive and practical approach to project identification, prioritisation, and selection. Whether you are new to Lean Six Sigma or looking to enhance your existing skills, this workshop offers valuable insights and hands-on experience. 


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