Industrial, Manufacturing & Engineering

Transformation Results

Real world results achieved with our guidance;

>$800,000/year cost saving

bottom line growth

reduction in machine downtime, saving ~£1M/year

Warranty process reduced from 40 days to 9 days

increase in top line growth

reduction in Non-stock inventory; equivalent to >£25k

Calibration success rate up from 60% to 82%

£220k saving

in materials, labour and rework costs

improvement in employee engagement

improvement in customer retention rates


productivity increase

Additional benefits

  • Improved equipment utilisation and OEE
  • Improved capital planning
  • Enabled value adding and balanced management team discussions on the business, growing understanding of organisation-wide challenges and teamwork
  • Development of a performance culture
  • Better internal communications and training
  • Information entered once and stored in a single location. Common screens across departments
  • Productivity improvement & cost reductions
  • Improved Process clarity and ownership
  • Better performance alignment between shifts in a 4 shift system
  • Culture change, with staff demonstrating passion, creativity and will to succeed
  • On-time build and ship new machine to customers, reduced rework
  • Reduced packaging (wrapping) defects to levels acceptable to the customer

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