Building the Foundations for Effective and Fast Problem Resolution

Rather than seeing problems as a nuisance, Lean values their discovery as opportunities to make the process better. When problems are uncovered in your day-to-day operations, your company needs action and the people who work in the process are best placed to identify and address the root causes. Having the right people engaged is only part of the answer though, they must also have the skills, resources and coaching support to diagnose and solve problems effectively.

How we can help 

We can work alongside your first line managers and teams to implement and refine a problem-solving system suited to your business and industry needs and requirements. Our experienced coaches can provide support and expertise to enhance all aspects of your problem solving from effective problem definition and data capture through to root cause analysis and facilitation skills. Our objective is to empower your team with the tools and structures required to enable effective problem diagnosis and speedy identification and implementation of permanent corrective and preventive actions.

Team based problem solving also requires an effective framework for escalating and addressing more complex issues. In addition to working at ‘the gemba’ with the front-line staff, we also provide guidance at HOD and Senior Leadership level to build a tiered support structured for rapid problem resolution and ensure a robust coaching structure.

Our Approach

Catalyst’s approach to building team-based problem-solving capability is two pronged. We work with leadership teams and the wider organisation to ensure that problem solving is integrated into the existing Management Systems and CI methodologies in a structured fashion.

We will then work bottom up with the first line managers and operational teams to implement the problem-solving framework.  We will provide the best blend of training, coaching and hands-on facilitation support to build the teams’ confidence and ability to apply the approach as part of their daily and weekly management routines.

We can offer ongoing coaching and guidance to monitor the effectiveness of problem solving and support team leaders and heads of department to identify and address barriers and enablers to embedding problem solving into day-to-day ways of working and build a culture of continuous improvement.

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