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Transformation Results

Real world results achieved with our guidance;

drop in daily machine rejects

increase in user satisfaction


 monthly productivity time savings

90% drop in Credit Note volume and

>90% drop (£11M) in value

$430,000/year cost avoidance

reduction in cycle count

Benefit/Cost ratio 106:1

>£200k benefit in a single production step.

reduction in “chaser” calls

UK delivered planned cost reduction as part of Group target of €363,000

Reduction in cycle time

from 720 to 90 days

Year-on-year ≈$50,000 saving

in app licensing and support costs

reduction in the source

Additional benefits

  • Reduced time to administer budget changes
  • Harmonisation of Global Source to Pay processes
  • Reduced variation in productivity and staff utilisation
  • Increased collaboration
  • Increase in Customer/staff satisfaction
  • Improved internal training take-up and skills
  • Massive reduction in Non-value Add activity, defects and Waste
  • Distributors paid faster
  • Reduced business risk
  • Major improvement in data quality
  • Improved UX and Data Ownership
  • Quality of accuracy of data entry increased from 94.56% to 97.45%
  • Improved proportion of incidents managed through the formal process£90K product write-off avoided
  • 1.1% defective rate reduced to zero

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