Selecting KPIs

Selecting KPIs and Operational ReviewToday’s rapidly evolving business landscape inundates senior leaders with vast volumes of data. While modern tools have made information more accessible, distinguishing meaningful insights from mere noise remains a significant challenge. Discerning which metrics are truly pivotal stands as the difference between being overwhelmed by irrelevant data and harnessing information that drives impactful decisions.

Our service directly addresses this challenge. Rather than presenting you with extraneous dashboards, we concentrate on refining the critical indicators that genuinely matter. With our expertise, you can transition from redundant reviews and presentations to a streamlined and expert management of your entire business system.


Our Approach 

The advent of tools like PowerBI have meant we can produce enormous amounts of management information.  

In a data-rich world, figuring out the critical few things to measure and monitor is the difference between “so what?” dashboards and visual management which drives incisive and timely action. Say goodbye to death by PowerPoint reviews of “so what?” dashboards and enter the world of expert management of your business system. 

Imagine yourself in the cockpit of a plane. The pilot uses very few of those dials to fly the plane. The rest are diagnostic measures to look at if something is wrong. The same is true for our business cockpit. 


Catalyst has practitioners with decades of experience ready to help guide you through this process: 

  • Build an Operational Scorecard 
  • Examine the options
  • Leading versus Lagging 
  • Outcomes over Outputs 

Once we have the right measures, we help you to get right measurement system in place and automated, including operational definitions for each measure 

Establish Visual Management 

Once we have selected the measures, the next job is to create visual management so we can see at a glance if we are winning or losing. 

We also need to make sure each KPI has an owner who is accountable for performance. 

Establish Operational Review 

At each management review (usually monthly), we focus on exceptions where a KPI is not performing according to expectation. 

Each KPI owner comes ready to report: 

  • Green – “we are on track, here’s why we will stay on track” 
  • Red – “the gap is <y>, the root cause is <x>, here’s how and when we will get things back on track”  

How Catalyst Can Help 

We help clients in the following ways: 

  • Operational Balance Scorecard Workshop 
  • KPI Selection Workshop
  • Establishing the Measurement System and Visual Management 
  • Facilitating the Operational Review 
  • Training on Root Cause Analysis for KPI owners 

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