Efficient Software Delivery

The complexities of the software release process can be tricky. It is vital in today’s business environment to swiftly move software into production. But imagine a scenario where your Agile teams are producing top-notch software at breakneck speed, yet there are hold-ups in getting these advancements out to your customers.

DevOps, emerging over the past decade as an evolution of the Agile movement, represents both a cultural and professional shift. Born out of the need to address the pronounced communication barriers, inefficiencies, and conflicting objectives between Development and Operations teams—particularly in large organisations—DevOps is not strictly a framework or methodology. Instead, it encompasses a set of principles that draw on Lean and Agile philosophies. These principles strive to dismantle siloed structures, extending their reach well beyond traditional development processes.

How DevOps helps

DevOps, a fusion of development and operations, aims to bridge the traditional gap between software development and IT operations teams. By promoting a culture of collaboration and integrating tools and practices, DevOps ensures faster software releases, increased application quality, and more responsive issue resolution. For businesses, this translates to quicker delivery of features, more stable operating environments, and improved communication and collaboration, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and business growth.

Our Approach

We provide DevOps coaching and consultation to help improve the two critical areas:

Culture: At the heart of DevOps is a shift in mindset. We coach teams towards shared ownership and collaboration, building a unified and efficient end-to-end delivery service.

Tools: Automation is key. We identify toolsets that will streamline laborious processes, while also providing shared metrics and insights into the entire delivery pipeline.

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