IT & Telecoms

Transformation Results

Real world results achieved with our guidance;

reduction in Billing rejections

Defect rate reduction from DPMO = 9600, to 1600 (4.5 sigma)

Cycle time improvement equivalent to £200k/year employee cost

reduction in “bill after cease” credits


annual saving in rework cost

reduction in Major Incidents

Additional benefits

  • Allocation of significant extra work to a team without requiring extra resource
  • Consistent Major Incident process
  • Increased time spend on resolution / preventative actions
  • improved Governance
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Clearly defined roles leading to participants who are aware of their responsibilities within the process
  • Clearly defined, consistent and documented escalation paths
  • Substantially reduced failed orders and cancellations
  • Avoidance of 120 negative customer experiences per week
  • Elimination of emails and Excel from the Service Transition process

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