Explore the transformative power of Lean Six Sigma in the financial sector. We delve into Barclays with insights from Beau Ormrod and journey through Aegon with Wayne Fisher’s first-hand experience. Lastly, see how a New York-based firm revamped training with Catalyst Consulting’s innovative approach.


Barclays is a British multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in London. This Study takes the form of an interview: Beau Ormrod, Former VP Process Improvement & Analytics, Business Transformation, talks to Martin Brenig-Jones about his experiences Lean Six Sigma, and using culture to drive performance improvement within a long established financial institution.


lean six sigma case studies insuranceThis Study takes the form of an interview. Wayne Fisher, Former Head of Process Excellence, Aegon, talks to Martin Brenig-Jones about his time at Aegon and getting Lean Six Sigma started – Walking us through the process and requirements of the programme with the objective of reducing the cost of hiring external project resources to complete problem solving projects.

Blended Learning Solution for New York Based Global Financial Services Company

Financial sector lean six sigma case studiesAn international Financial Services firm teamed up with Catalyst Consulting to enhance leadership skills using a tailored Lean Six Sigma programme. Bypassing traditional methods, Catalyst delivered over 1000 bespoke online modules and interactive webinars, promoting efficient learning and global collaboration. The innovative approach transformed the company’s problem-solving and teamwork ethos.