Developing a European-wide Service Operating Model with Ricoh, a leading multinational imaging and electronics company.

“Collaborating with Catalyst, we did the best thing ever!” 

Olivier Gomez, Europe Service Delivery Director, Ricoh


The Challenge

Ricoh, a leading multinational imaging and electronics company approached us to work with them in the design, and development of a new Service Operating Model (SOM) to improve the effectiveness of their Europe Service Delivery (RESD)

Ricoh emphasised that the new operating model must support all Lines of Business and Value Propositions.

The Solution

Working with Ricoh, we led a Strategy Deployment approach and identified more than 20 key processes for improvement and re-design. These were then refined in to ten projects, producing Process, Tools, People and Organisation (PTPO) models and developed deliverables to document them.

We formed teams, consisting of key members in the organisation, who implemented a rapid Lean Six Sigma approach to undertake these projects. These teams were comprised of ≈80 people from multiple functions, roles and levels from across the 23 European Operating companies. This methodology also enabled project teams to identify and assimilate proven “good practice” from across the Operating Companies.

ricoh-4Catalyst developed a tailored assessment approach, conducting a series of “Quality and Acceptance Reviews” with Ricoh’s Governance team to examine and assess outputs of each project. Using this bespoke approach, we worked collaboratively with RESD leadership to facilitate and lead programme execution. Subsequently, many significant process alterations and innovations were developed.

The Results

RESD is now engaged in working on the implementation of their new service operating model. In recognition of the efforts and achievements of the team, this programme was submitted for the company’s Ricoh Way Award, achieving the Silver Award certificate.

Working to involve teams of people together from multiple locations was highly beneficial. Workstream Leaders who led these teams found their workshop, project and team leadership skills enhanced considerably by their involvement.

ricoh-1Our approach for the programme also achieved its secondary aim to create and develop a key group of Lean Six Sigma certified leaders with a mind-set that can drive Continuous Improvement and enable future transformation in the Service Delivery organisation.

This programme developed new and innovative ways of working across Ricoh’s existing operations, in turn enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation. By working collaboratively with RESD, we developed a deeper understanding of the business and its objectives, and this collaborative relationship created a tailored and bespoke approach, which will ultimately strengthen customer and employee experience.

“I am particularly proud of the workstream leaders who we developed during the programme and the achievement of their project teams” 

Mark Jones, Director Catalyst Consulting Solution


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