British Quality Foundation

British Quality Foundation

Catalyst Consulting is a Platinum Member of the British Quality Foundation and, as one of the founding partners and joint lead of its Lean Six Sigma Academy, provides both Lean and Lean Six Sigma training and certification on its behalf.

Chartered Quality Institute

Catalyst is an associate partner of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), which recognises our commitment to the future of quality.


As a long standing member organisation, Catalyst actively shares and contributes to the mission of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) to support leaders of European organisations to achieve sustainable excellence through learning and innovation in the application of continuous improvement.


Agile Business Consortium

The Agile Business Consortium is a global leader in promoting business agility, with unrivalled expertise in the field. A not-for-profit organisation, it pioneered Agile and continues to inspire new developments and thinking such as the role of innovation at the heart of the Framework for Business Agility.

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance

Catalyst Consulting has an exclusive partnership with LRQA – the world’s leading provider of independent assessment services including certification, validation, verification and training.

Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services

Catalyst is a key sponsor of ICiPS – Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services, a registered charity, which works to improve public service delivery through collaboration, innovation and education.

Simul8 Corporation

Catalyst Consulting has partnered with SIMUL8 – a leading player in process simulation software – and developed a course in Lean Process Simulation which teaches how to use and apply SIMUL8 software in a DMAIC framework.

Savannah Training Solutions Ltd

Savannah Training Solutions Ltd are a strategic business partner working in collaboration with Catalyst to deliver training and consulting, assessments and mentorship in Kenya and East Africa.

International Consortium of Agile Logo

International Consortium for Agile 

ICAgile is the International Consortium of Agile. ICAgile is the largest accreditation and certification body in the Agile industry. They collaborate with industry experts to define learning objectives and then accredit instructors and course materials to match the defined standards for the industry. Their in-depth learning roadmap encompasses pretty much everything you need to know to progress toward business agility. Learn more by visiting