Introducing Our Accreditation Partners

Meet our three trusted accreditation and certification partners: BQF, ICAgile, and LCS. Each offers a distinct approach to training and development. BQF focuses on Lean Six Sigma standards, ICAgile champions an agile mindset, and LCS emphasises lean competency. Whether you’re a business aiming to train your team or an individual looking to advance your skills, these organisations provide practical, recognised certifications to help you achieve your goals.

British Quality Foundation

British Quality Foundation

The British Quality Foundation (BQF) offers a distinguished Lean and Lean Six Sigma certification, setting it apart in a crowded field. BQF is a trusted not-for-profit entity associated with elite organisations. Their Lean and Lean Six Sigma standards, developed by industry experts, ensure rigorous and practical certification. Benefits of BQF certification include international recognition, consistent industry benchmarks, and opportunities for continuous professional growth. Catalyst’s training also aligns with ASQ and ISO18404 standards, underscoring our dedication to top-tier Lean Six Sigma education.

International Consortium for Agile

International Consortium of Agile Logo

Since its inception in 2010, ICAgile has been at the forefront of transforming professionals into adept agile practitioners, transcending traditional agile process confines. As a globally recognised certification and accreditation entity, ICAgile collaborates with leading agile thinkers to craft Learning Outcomes that instil an agile mindset and advanced practical skills. Their unique methodology-neutral approach prioritises the human element, believing that true agility stems from an agile mindset. Undertaking an ICAgile-accredited class not only offers knowledge but also hands-on experience in real-time settings. Achieving an ICAgile certification is a testament to one’s dedication to experiential learning, moving beyond mere theoretical knowledge.

Lean Competency System


The Lean Competency System (LCS) is a dynamic framework tailored for both organisations and individuals. For organisations, LCS offers accredited continuous improvement training, ensuring a commitment to lean principles and a universally recognised standard. For individuals, it provides a coveted lean qualification, structured competency development, and a platform for networking and peer learning. With its seven competency levels, LCS promotes lean thinking, operational effectiveness, and a roadmap for professional growth, making it an essential tool for those dedicated to continuous improvement.