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The challenge in our current environment is that customers increasingly demand products and services faster and at a higher quality whilst also requiring value for money. Therefore, it is essential to have streamlined end to end processes. Recognising bottlenecks, spotting inefficiencies, and eliminating waste becomes paramount, especially when the stakes are high and there is a relentless pursuit for transformative growth.

Our expertise in Value Stream Mapping (VSM) offers the solution to transforming the end-to-end delivery of value to customers. .

Our Approach

Catalyst has particularly strong expertise in Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in both manufacturing and transactional environments.  Value Stream Mapping enables an organisation to visualise the current state and identify the Waste and improvement opportunities across the end-to-end value creation process for both information and material/service flow, typically from customer order to delivery and payment. Then Lean Six Sigma principles and methods are applied to develop an ideal future state map which provides a long-term aspirational vision. In order to progressively transition towards this condition where value flows continuously, an improvement roadmap is developed with a comprehensive programme of short, medium and long-term actions and projects over the subsequent months, establishing new standards, processes and systems.

Catalyst can provide the leadership, facilitation and knowledge transfer in Value Stream Mapping as well as Change Management skills to apply VSM effectively in your organisation and help drive transformational and sustainable change, value stream by value stream. Importantly this approach also encourages a customer focus, a process orientation and systemic thinking which helps break down any ‘silo-mentality’ or inter-functional tension.

Value Stream Mapping

It’s essential that data to generate the chosen metrics can reliably and accurately be obtained, and that the organisation can effectively intervene to change the performance.

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