Transformation Results

Real world results achieved with our guidance;


validated benefits in the first 12 months,

and a further €6M in the pipeline

reduction in field visits across Europe; worth €100k- €177k per month

labour time reduction; worth €500k- €1500k per month

Stock decrease 15% for EU field service engineers

Onsite Firmware update time eliminated by remote servicing.

Increased visit avoidance and phone fixes;

~10-20% increase in achievement against remote service targets.

Increased remote resolutions and firmware updates;

~60-70,000 service hours per year, €2-3M

Increased service visits/day

Reduced Car stock value and Return visits

Reduction in bid/quotation leadtime

Development of IT tools to effectively “size” the service organisation

Additional benefits

  • Cultural alignment across 23 Operating Companies
  • Lead time reduction
  • Client retention
  • Award winning transformation; helping to drive engagement and support Change Management
  • Strategy robustness testing and Balanced Scorecard systems.
  • Establishing Governance/PMO and mentoring systems
  • Quick Wins development and deployment for early benefit realisation
  • Enhanced Innovation approaches
  • Enhanced Internal communications
  • Delivered detailed analysis and identification of Waste and inefficiencies existing within the organisation
  • Developed a cadre of experienced Change and Improvement leaders, able to champion and deliver future transformation efforts across the business
  • Improved collaboration and breaking down of functional silos
  • Development of process management training and mechanisms for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of re-engineered process
  • Improved Customer and Employee experience, better business retention
  • Improved quality; right first time, failure demand, process consistency, errors and rework
  • Common tools for all OpCos, allowing benchmarking across the region
  • More precise budgeting, forecasting and identification of cost saving opportunities
  • A standardised process and fewer systems reduced rework and increased efficiencies
  • Improve Cost allocation
  • New QC approach
  • New Governance Model designed
  • Increase the added value to customers by communicating and providing services according a well standardised and fully accepted ITIL framework
  • Decrease number of unused parts shipped back
  • Provide better information to customers with a better tracking system adds value to the service
  • Increase the predictability of delivering the required results within the defined timeframe
  • Increased team leadership skills
  • Developed a key group of Lean Six Sigma certified leaders with a mind-set that can drive Continuous Improvement and enable future transformation in the organisation

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