Facilitation and Change Leadership

Change leadership and facilitation skills are pivotal for operational excellence. Our suite of courses equips managers and CI practitioners of all levels with indispensable skills to engage stakeholders and bring about transformative change . These programs provide comprehensive insights into unravelling organisational culture and understanding individual responses to change—key elements in fostering a culture of continual improvement. Empower yourself and your team with the essential tools needed to drive operational excellence.

Facilitating and Leading Change

Drive transformative results in your organisation with our Change Leadership course. This training equips attendees with the insights to navigate and lead change effectively, ensuring cohesive team alignment towards shared goals. Participants will delve into understanding both organisational culture and individual reactions to change, gaining the expertise to manage them adeptly. By recognising and adapting to various interpersonal styles, attendees will enhance their capability to influence and foster a robust continuous improvement culture. This course ensures that leaders not only comprehend the intricacies of change but can also practically apply this knowledge to ensure the success of their projects and daily operations.

Facilitating Improvement Workshops

Enhance your deployment of the CI and Lean Six Sigma toolkit with our Facilitation Skills for Continuous Improvement course. This practical workshop is tailored to bolster confidence in leading improvement sessions, ensuring they are both engaging and productive. Attendees will master the art of effective workshop and meeting facilitation, from setting clear objectives to managing time and participants adeptly. The course provides a practical toolkit for improving team decision-making processes and enhancing communication skills. Participants will also learn strategies to manage conflict and challenging behaviours. By the conclusion of the course, practitioners will be fully equipped with the expertise and self-assuredness to lead continuous improvement workshops and project team meetings. 

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