The manufacturing sector continually evolves, with industry giants such as Ricoh and CooperVision turning to Lean Six Sigma methodologies for transformative results. Partnering with Catalyst, these firms have revamped their operational strategies, focusing both on operational efficiency and the development of confident, skilled teams. Their achievements underscore the vast potential for other manufacturers to adopt similar strategies for progress and innovation.

Ricoh Europe

Ricoh partnered with Catalyst to craft a new Service Operating Model for their European Service Delivery. Through Catalyst’s Strategy Deployment, they identified key processes for overhaul. With teams from 23 European units, they adopted a swift Lean Six Sigma approach, integrating best practices. The initiative earned Ricoh’s ‘Ricoh Way Silver Award’ and cultivated a new generation of Lean Six Sigma leaders, enhancing overall efficiency and enriching customer and employee experiences.


CooperVision collaborated with Catalyst to establish an improvement framework across their operations. Under the leadership of Kevin Barrett, Senior VP of European Manufacturing, the initiative, named ‘CooperVision Improvement Framework’, was rooted in Lean Six Sigma principles. This approach shifted the company from potential liability to a key strength, achieving a 75% increase in productivity and 70% reduction in quality defects. Beyond metrics, Barrett emphasised the importance of nurturing confident and competent personnel, advising leaders to have a clear need and follow a structured plan for genuine transformation.