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How do you develop creative product designs that solve your customers’ problems whilst at the same time being fast to market and enabling the use of optimal manufacturing and assembly processes to achieve high levels of quality whilst minimising cost?  Equip your team with the skills to think creatively and form cross-functional teams to innovate effectively at every stage of the new development process. Our experts can help review the strengths and opportunities for improvement in your current design processes and help you draw on Design Thinking, Agile Methodologies, Lean and Six Sigma Thinking to optimise and improve your approach to product and service design.

Design Thinking Workshops: Enhance your current approaches to understanding and defining customer needs. Learn the principles of human-centered design and apply them to real-world challenges.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Training and Consultancy: The only way to achieve zero defects is to build quality into your products and services from the start. Yet core Design for Quality tools such as Quality Function Deployment and Failure Mode and Effects analysis are often used ineffectively. Our experts can help you review and challenge your existing approaches and help build competency to  deliver products that meet or exceed your customer requirements and ensure reliability at scale. Design for ManufacturabilityManufacturing efficiency often hinges on the initial design phase, where overlooked complexities can escalate costs, extend production timelines, and compromise product quality. Leaders striving for streamlined operations and cost-effectiveness might grapple with challenges like intricate assembly processes, supply chain vulnerabilities, or designs ill-suited for scalability. Addressing these with a focus on ‘Design for Manufacture’ can be the linchpin for operational success and market competitiveness. We can help your team find and address design opportunities to significantly reduce production cost, without compromising functionality for the customer,  product time-to-market, quality or serviceability.

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