Although Lean Six Sigma has its origins in manufacturing, its capability to effect meaningful transformation across a wide range of sectors is demonstrated in the following interviews and case studies.


lean six sigma case studies
This study takes the form of an interview – Wayne Fisher, Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader Process Improvement Manager, SKY, talks to Martin Brenig-Jones about his work at Sky, getting Lean Six Sigma started – Walking us through the process and requirements of an extensive programme in a large company, focused on nurturing skills within their many staff and “Helping the business to help themselves”.

Forensic Science, Northern Ireland.

This study takes the form of an interview. Derek Kennedy, Ex Transformation Director, Forensic Science, Northern Ireland (FSNI), talks to Catalyst about his experiences with Lean Six Sigma during his time at FSNI – Unique challenges presented by a team working on on sensitive topics. What do a team of forensic scientists have in common with a family of ducks?


lean six sigma case studiesThis Study takes the form of an interview. Alec Gilbert, Strategic Service Development, Vanderlande, talks to Martin Brenig-Jones about getting Lean Six Sigma started in Vanderlande UK. This case study looks at the deployment of a Lean Strategy at the UK subsidiary of a global world leader in automation technology. The global organisation has over 4000 staff and a turnover of around £1.5Bn, whilst the UK subsidiary is a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) of around 200 staff, turning over around £50m.

Leading London 5-Star Hotel Group

A premier 5-star luxury hotel chain in London sought Catalyst Consulting’s expertise due to challenges in their operations and a desire to enhance guest satisfaction. By forging a close partnership with the hotel group, we gained an in-depth insight into their business goals. This close-knit collaboration led to a customised strategy, meeting the specific needs of a hotel group that caters to guests expecting top-tier 5-star service.