Core Quality Tools

These practitioner-focused courses spotlight the core quality tools of FMEA, MSA, SPC, and 8D methodologies. Designed to empower managers, CI practitioners, engineers and quality professionals, each module offers a practical and in-depth exploration of these essential tools. Whether you’re a seasoned CI professional or new to quality management responsibilities, our training equips you with the specialised knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to excel in implementing and leveraging these crucial methodologies effectively.


Explore the essential APQP & PPAP processes in this course. Ideal for all cross function roles involved in new product designs, it covers the 5 phases of APQP & PPAP, incorporating an introduction and links to supporting core quality tools such as Quality Functional Deployment and FMEA. Gain insights into the AIAG and other industry standard guidelines and create action plans for refining practices within your organisation’s New Product Introduction Processes.

Design FMEA

Identifying potential failures should begin early in the Design Phase. Gain a comprehensive understanding of DFMEA to assessing and mitigating risks ensuring robust and reliable product designs from the outset. Start working on your own DFMEA during the course.

Process FMEA

Discover the transformative power of FMEA, a risk management strategy originally rooted in aerospace and engineering, now pivotal in enhancing business operations across sectors. By integrating Process FMEA, businesses can proactively improve the reliability of their processes, products, and services. This practitioner course equips participants to facilitate Process FMEAs and understand their alignment with other continuous improvement tools.

Measurement System Analysis

This practitioner level module equips managers, engineers and Quality and CI professionals with the understanding and proficiency to be able to assess the accuracy, precision, and stability of continuous and attribute measurement systems. Dive into methodologies such as Gauge R&R essential for ensuring reliable and consistent measurement data, enabling essential prerequisites for informed decision-making and process control.

Statistical Process Control

Our SPC module provides practitioners with the tools to monitor and control processes effectively, to understand process variation and be able to measure, assess and improve process capability. Learn how to apply these practical statistical tools to understand process variations and why they are an essential tool for process management.

8 Disciplines of Problem Solving

This module introduces managers, CI and Quality professionals to a structured problem-solving methodology fostering systematic and collaborative solutions to complex problems. Master the eight disciplines and a powerful toolkit to address problems, minimise recurrence, and drive continual improvement within your organisation.

Root Cause Analysis

Elevate your organisation’s problem-solving capabilities with our introduction to Root Cause Analysis workshop. In a focused one-day session, this course delivers hands-on techniques to effectively define a problem; apply structured approaches to efficiently find and verify the cause of problems and implement corrective and preventive actions that will ensure the root cause is permanently eliminated. By embracing this approach businesses can improve quality and customer service, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and streamlined operations.

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