Public Sector – Local Council

May 2011

“Everything is a process and every process can be improved.”

In this Study…

A Public sector organisation, engaging “back office” support team in improving the processes and services they offer to the “front line” staff.

Demonstrating that Lean Six Sigma training can drive personal development, team dynamics and a change in approach; in essence a culture change

The Challenge


The IT staff are generally “not connected” with their users/customers and they do not think about “process”. As a result they don’t provide what is really required and don’t work on improving their offering.

Many of the delegates had never had training in CI and so had no experience of approaching and working with the organisation.

Our Goal


Train the IT team so they begin to take an end-to-end view of their processes. Begin to seek VOC and CTQs and support these with measuring the right things.

Our Approach


Six day Green Belt classroom module with concurrent projects running.

Find out more about our Green Belt in-house training here.

Achievements & Benefits


The programme was a major impact on the mindset and approach of many in the team.  Contacting the lead people in the weeks and months after the class produced feedback like

“X has really come out of shell since the training”,

“the approach of X to their job has changed dramatically”,

“Months after the training the delegates are still talking about it in using what they have learnt in the day-to-day roles”

Key Learning Outcomes


Internal functions also have customers and must discover their needs through good VOC and CTQ development.

Lots of what the team was doing was in their service provision was because they thought it was right, no one had asked they customer what they wanted.

Everything is a process and every process can be improved.

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