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The business world is full of challenges like inefficient processes, cluttered workspaces, long setup times, and the need to boost production without wasting resources. Add safety issues to the mix, and the list grows longer. For leaders who are looking for solutions, a Kaizen Event can help. It’s a focused approach to quickly address problems, make improvements, and promote a culture of continuous progress.

Our Approach

Kaizen Events (or ‘Rapid Improvement Events’) are intensive 3-5 day collaborative workshops which address specific improvement opportunities with a focused multi-disciplinary and multi-level team. Whether the focus is on executing process changes, workplace organisation, setup reduction, yield improvements, cell redesign or safety improvement the objective is to eliminate waste, improve flow and where possible implement the improvements in real time using the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) philosophy.

Kaizen Events can follow as a result of Value Stream Mapping activity, or be identified from the Strategy Deployment system or other project selection processes. A cross functional team will be dedicated to the workshop, and facilitated by a highly experienced Catalyst consultant who will also bring Lean Six Sigma expertise and guide, focus, challenge and encourage the team to push for the best possible improvements. Where appropriate the Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control (DMAIC) structure is used to solve problems and address improvement opportunities. Hence Kaizen events are not just a means to achieve a rapid performance breakthrough, but a significant learning opportunity for all participants.

Kaizen Rapid Improvement Events
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