Translating Strategy to Action

Many organisations struggle with deploying their strategy. This workshop aims to address the transition of the strategy from “board level” into the first supporting layer of management. Strategic direction must be integrated with existing programmes and initiatives already in flight, with the often “fuzzy” understanding of strategy crystallised into specific responsibilities for the team and its individual members.

By working through this process senior managers clarify their understanding, formulate and begin to align their planning and the measurement system/metrics that will support execution. By creating a consensus on the way forward the team distils clarity from chaos, sees purpose and generates a “call to arms”.

We find these sessions are highly effective in providing an “organisational therapy session” where relationships within the team can be developed and roles clarified.

Senior Management Team Alignment workshop

What is it?

A facilitated workshop event designed to align and calibrate members of an SMT or Leadership group with the organisation’s strategy and each other.

Our Approach

Led by a team of Catalyst directors, and supported with meaningful preparation work, this off-site event removes the delegates from their familiar surroundings and provides an important opportunity to think and review the elements of the strategy.

The group progressively breaks down the Strategic Essentials and Critical Objectives into a set of Programmes and supporting metrics. These are then integrated with the initiatives already in progress in the organisation to ensure that each member of the team understands what they are individually and collectively responsible for, with metrics and targets of appropriate granularity that they agree.

The team then moves onto the risks and barriers to delivering the plan for change, developing an action plan to address them which provides mutual support for achieving goals across the team.

Throughout the process the Catalyst staff act to facilitate the conversation, identify gaps and challenge assumptions. Decisions are proactively identified and called out for the group to validate.

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