How will your team learn?

We are delighted to offer our world-class Lean Six Sigma and Agile training courses via a range of delivery options to suit any organisation and learning style. To discover more please choose from the options below – you will be taken to  our dedicated training resource.

In Company Training

In-company training provides a focused approach for teams seeking to learn Lean, Lean Six Sigma and all Continuous Improvement techniques. Delivered face-to-face or virtually this method is a highly engaging way to build internal skills. Training, in-company, allows us to address the specific challenges your business faces, with the added benefit of course content tailored to your requirements. This includes relevant exercises and the opportunity for teams to begin work on their own projects. 

Virtual Classroom Training

Available on our open enrolment training programme as well as for in-company courses where it is a popular and practical approach for globally dispersed groups. Our experienced trainers use a wide variety of techniques to create an engaging, participative and fun experience for the learners including breakout room exercises, polls/quizzes, online collaboration tools such as Mural, hands-on exercises as well as live discussions.

Blended Learning Solutions 

For in-house programmes we can create bespoke Blended Training Solutions which combines live instructor-led sessions with self-paced study in Lean Six Sigma. Scheduled webinars ensure consistent learning momentum, supplemented by self-study materials like videos and quizzes. An integrated chatroom offers continuous dialogue between the instructor and participants, promoting collaborative learning and real-time query resolution. 

Self Study

At Catalyst, we offer a versatile range of online self-study training options to suit various learning preferences. Learners can work at their own pace with 12 month’s access to our comprehensive e-learning programmes, with added support from an assigned tutor as needed.

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