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Process Optimisation follows Continuous Improvement training or a Process Healthcheck, where organisations identify the need to optimise and streamline their processes. They see the necessity for change at the core of how they work but their requirements are often multi-faceted and their improvement resources are limited or inexperienced, needing support and direction to make this happen.

Process Optimisation – How can you get traction and deliver improvement results as quickly and simply as possible?

A Catalyst consultant will facilitate your operations to help improve performance by optimising and changing steps throughout the process flow. Following a Lean Six Sigma approach, a client team identifies and makes changes to what is done in the process and how it is done, removing Waste and Non-value adding activities. The work employs Lean Six Sigma tools from a basic through to advanced level, depending on the situation and is supported by data gathering and measurement to understand the impact.

Process optimisation workshop group

Optimisation can also include work on Change Management and takes place over an extended series of facilitated workshops. The objective is to enable results across all of the Quality, Cost, Delivery, Risk and Morale characteristics of the process.

Process optimisation workshop group round table

This is an excellent training ground for an organisation’s inexperienced Continuous Improvement practitioners to hone their skills and for the more experienced to learn and practice “hands-on” under the guidance of a Catalyst professional.

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