Angélique Macrez

Consulting Partner

Angelique is a Quality professional with more than 20 years’ experience delivering Business improvement and transformation while fostering culture change with infectious drive and enthusiasm.

Her career brought her to the UK from France working with Bouygues. She moved to the railway services working for MTR Crossrail, which provided her with an excellent opportunity to dive into a completely new working environment, demonstrating her ability to transfer her experience, leadership, and technical skills to create value over a short period of time.

Before engaging with Catalyst, she was working for Osborne in a new strategic role reporting directly to the CEO, leading the implementation of the Group Quality 4.0 strategy, seeking better alignment between strategy, objectives, key results, and organisational capabilities. In this role, Angelique worked collaboratively with both operational and digital transformation teams to develop and / or implement more robust automated management systems and other digital solutions, clarifying and better controlling project requirements, then providing project teams and management with a reliable audit trail.

Angelique’s professionalism, skills and personality generate a leadership style which takes people with her on the journey of improvement. She advocates a Gemba Walks approach to implementing quality improvement across business. In this way, she successfully makes people at all levels work closely and collaboratively to improve processes, create novel visual solutions, and ultimately shift mindsets on how to approach quality: “doing the right work, and doing the work right”.

Angelique has an innate ability to simplify complex settings, breaking vision down into long-term actions and short-term wins, using on-site experimentation and feedback to drive sustainable change.

Angelique was the winner of the CQI Quality Professional of the Year Award in 2019. The quotes from the IQA judging panel included praise for her “very innovative approach”, “refreshing style”, and they added: “Angelique demonstrated how clear focus and precise planning, can lead to excellent results. She has simplified processes, and created novel visual solutions, innovating to the point that she is now influencing all the business; within construction, a sector that does not traditionally easily adopt quality.”

Angelique is very engaged in contributing to the quality and excellence community. She has been regularly invited to join conference as speaker and Award judge panels for both Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and British Quality Foundation (BQF). She is also an active member of the Deming Special Interest Group by publishing media (e.g., graphic material, articles, video, etc).

Throughout her career, Angelique has always considered Education and her personal growth as a top priority to keep on top of her profession and provide the organisations she works with the highest value. “What matters to me is to bring joy in work to achieve greater results together”, says Angelique.