Brian Rafferty



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Brian is a seasoned Business Transformation expert, distinguished for creative forward-thinking, analytical wisdom, and accomplished leadership across diverse industries, cultures, and global landscapes. Brian’s impact crosses traditional boundaries, integrating a novel mix of Lean, Agile, Design, and Systems Thinking with AI/ML applications for enhanced impact on business performance. With a genuine, collaborative, and attuned leadership style, Brian is more than a leader – he is an inspirer, invoking engagement, confidence, and trust in teams, especially in complex and challenging environments.

With a Doctorate in Physics and Theoretical Physics from Trinity College, Cambridge (1997) Brian entered the industrial world as an electron optics design engineer in the semiconductor industry. It was here that Brian first understood the core mix of delivering to the customer in the most efficient manner possible. In relation to the positive results and customer feedback, his first manager pointed out that “… I don’t know exactly how you do things – it’s different, but keep doing it!”. This remained part of Brian’s approach through subsequent Innovation, Engineering and New Product Development roles in electronic imaging, anti-counterfeit, and as Engineering Director in the Aerospace sector in 2014. Continued benefits from those roles and developed products has resulted in securing gross revenues in excess of 65%. Brian then shifted into consulting environments performing enterprise level transformations across renewables, nuclear, rail, public sector, and automotive sectors. Building sustainable internal transformation teams and cultures that have delivered >£750M tangible benefits to those clients.

Brian is a lifelong learner and has spent the last 6 years studying Transactional Analysis for Organisations; he has also become a member of the editorial team of the International Transactional Analysis Association’s journal (Transactional Analysis Journal). Brian has found this a rich experience understanding more about his own proclivities and how they interact with client teams and how to construct interventions for the benefit of those clients and their organisational dynamics.

Brian lives in Cheshire with his wife Jenny and three children, Dhanush, Sienna, and Jasmine … oh and two bonkers spaniels and two flop-eared rabbits!