James Dwan




James joins us with a wealth of experience; an expert in Agile as well as Lean Six Sigma, and a rare breed. James has an energetic and charismatic teaching style and a natural drive to solve inefficiency and disorganisation. He has recently pioneered an innovative fusion of Agile and Continuous Improvement techniques to accelerate business results.

Having graduated in Latin from the University of Wales, James became an Agile practitioner in the very early days of Agile whilst working as a software developer at FTSE 100 company Experian. In 2004, he joined Markem-Imaje to help to transform their PC Software activity. James’ first ever Kaizen event was to improve their software delivery process, laying down foundations and a mandate for accelerated Agile and Lean transformation. The results were stunning; in just a few months, the same team of developers who had never delivered on time used a tight PDCA learning cycle to deliver a quality product which customers loved one month ahead of schedule. Building on this, James quickly cemented himself as one of the top facilitators within the European Continuous Improvement team.

In 2008, James was promoted to Global Manager of PC Software, managing staff including in UK and Belgium as well as overseeing offshore resources in Bangalore, India. James led process alignment and improvement initiative (including CMMI Level 3 audit) at a time when Agile in India was still in its infancy. James provided expertise in software development processes to the company in general, leading to Scrum adoption across the entire group.

In 2010, as a Programme Manager, James introduced an Agile mindset to printer hardware development leading to results described by the Executive Committee as the “the new reference for all programmes in the company to follow”. All KPIs green (time to market, quality, gross margin, incremental revenue, project cost).

In 2012, James led a two-year Strategy Deployment programme focussed on improving transactional areas. Using X-Matrix, monthly business review, A3s, Value Stream Analysis and Transactional Process Improvement. The programme delivered multimillion dollar recurring benefits.

Most recently, James held global Programme Office responsibility, working with the leadership team to ensure a Portfolio which supported the strategy, and overseeing the governance for all product and technology development to sustain and improve performance at all levels.