James F Stephenson

James F Stephenson

Associate Partner

Jim has a long and varied career working in public, private and educational organisations in the US, Europe and the Middle East. As a Master Belt he has trained, coached and mentored hundreds of Yellow, Green and Black Belts. In addition he has worked closely with senior executives facilitating their efforts to drive change and improve their organisations’ capability to meet increasingly more challenging customer demands while sustaining or improving financial performances.

From 2003 to 2011 Jim was a Senior Partner at Catalyst. During this period he spearheaded the creation and continuation of Catalyst’s highly successful and on-going public training programme. During this time he trained hundreds of men and women in the UK and Europe to Green and Black Belt levels. He helped established a certification process that is now a key part of the British Quality Foundation’s certification programme. In addition he was deeply involved in numerous client assignments in both manufacturing and service organisations.

In 2011 Jim left Catalyst to assume a Master Black Belt position at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. From scratch, he lead the creation of a programme of Lean Six Sigma training, project coaching, executive support and certification that resulted in a major cultural change at the university. He trained 180 Green Belts, upgraded seven of those to Black Belt, established an internal certification programme and, in co-operation with Catalyst, a BQF certification programme as well. He retired from this position in June 2013.

Prior to joining Catalyst in 2003, Jim was a serving officer in the US Air Force for 23 years. He then joined Minitab, the statistical software company headquartered in the United States. From his position as Manager of International Operations he established Minitab’s first two international subsidiaries—one in the UK and the other in France—and subsequently served for several years as General Manager of Minitab Ltd in Coventry.

James is now back working as an associate for catalyst based in France.